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Streamlining event operations for the world's most iconic racing brand

Goodwood is a brand synonymous with excellence and attention to detail. Their iconic events draw hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the globe. As a studio, we attend their exceptional events every year, so when they approached us to develop a digital gateway to simplify event planning for exhibitors, partners and sponsors, we knew only world-class would do.

Off to the races

Goodwood had begun to move their event manuals from a physical printed document to an off-the-shelf online solution, but had run into problems with the lack of flexibility. The system fell short in several key areas including usability, navigation and content management and Goodwood realised they needed a bespoke solution. Our process began with a deep dive into the challenges faced by the event management team, and the iconic Goodwood brand and its events.

Raising the bar

Used by Goodwood partners – sponsors, exhibitors, mobile caterers, and suppliers – the event manuals act as a detailed guide for the Festival of Speed, Revival and Horseracing events, containing all essential information, health and safety documentation and forms to ensure their smooth running.

Our solution was to build a bespoke, Goodwood-branded, responsive web-based event manual for each of Goodwood’s prestigious events, set up so Goodwood staff could manage content themselves. We developed innovative tools for Goodwood’s exacting requirements, saving staff time usually spent managing partner enquiries, freeing them up to focus on other important event management tasks.

User experience first

A major consideration for us was to design an interface that complemented the Goodwood brand. We didn’t just want to replicate the website, we wanted to design an interface that would be suited to the content-heavy requirements of an event manual, but in a style that their partners would expect of the Goodwood brand.

For this we designed an easy-to-read, distraction-free interface that puts maximum emphasis on the content and the event branding. A clean and foolproof navigation along with accordion style collapsible sections allow partners to quickly navigate around the manuals with ease. We also built a handy keyword search engine that jumps the user directly to the relevant paragraph within the content when they search for common words or phrases.

Going the distance

Since we launched our first iteration of the manuals in 2015, client service enquiries have dropped significantly and Goodwood partners have been reportedly much happier than in past years. With each manual, we continue to build on the success of the last, adding and refining the functionality and design to make them even easier to use for all Goodwood partners.