Award-winning marketing campaign for an equally ambitious toolless wiring system

for JCC Lighting
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LevLink marketing campaign for JCC Lighting

When JCC Lighting engaged us to develop a key product marketing campaign for LevLink a new ultra-fast tool-less wiring system, we knew only world beating performance would do.

LevLink was designed from the ground up to make installing complicated lighting circuitry a breeze. It was an exciting foray into the electrical connector market for JCC and required full and extensive market research and a bullet proof campaign strategy.

Through competitor analysis we discovered that LevLink was significantly faster to wire up than traditional screw-fit connectors and junction boxes.

We physically wired up dozens of existing solutions and realised LevLink was as much as ten times faster to install. Speed was undoubtedly the USP, so we developed a timed ‘LevLink’ challenge for JCC staff, electrical contractors and JCC wholesale customers. We filmed the results and created a leaderboard at JCC to encourage staff to have a go.

Over the past decade, we have seen a revolution in our marketing efforts. Ascender has driven this change & provided exceptional support.
Steve Kirby, Managing Director, JCC

The winning time was sub-5 seconds leading to a world record beating marketing campaign based around Usain Bolt’s 100M world-record time of 9.58s. We created print ads, digital PPC ads and animated social media graphics challenging electrical contractors to time their efforts and post to social media with the hashtag #levlink

Over the past decade, we have seen a revolution in our marketing efforts. Ascender has drove this change & provided exceptional support.

The result? JCC launched LevLink to all of the UK’s major electrical distributors, won trade magazine Professional Electrician’s marketing campaign of the year and established the product as a lightning fast alternative to traditional screw-fit lighting connectors.