Bringing peace to the poolside, iPad app refresh that led to Nikki Beach Resorts

for BookMySunbed
UX Design
UI Design
Bringing peace to the poolside

We've all been there. Inflatable rubber ring in one hand, Sangria in the other, wading through a sea of holidaymakers as we hopelessly try to find an empty sun bed. Fortunately, help is at hand!

BookMySunbed, a resort management app developed by Hampshire-based MediaBase Direct, allows resorts all over the world to organise their sunbed allocations from an easy to use iPad app. MediaBase engaged us initially to design a bespoke suit of icons, before extending the brief to a ground-up UX focussed redesign of the user interface.

The design needed to be both functional and visually striking, but also enough contrast to be clearly visible in intense midday sunlight – something difficult to recreate in England!

As a direct result of the redesign, we had our most successful season to date signing up 100s of new beach clubs & resorts and started working with Nikki beach group in Europe
Daniel Jain, Founder, BookMySunbed

An innovative reservation indicator system was developed around the idea of different coloured sunbed towels to denote whether a sunbed was available, reserved or booked. Playfully echoing how sunbeds are typically reserved.

The Result? BookMySunbed has gone from strength to strength and is now the resort management tool of choice by the prestigious Nikki Beach group across the whole of Europe. Towel wars are officially a thing of the past.