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Catalogue design for JCC Lighting

Whilst the catalogue needed to encapsulate the full JCC product profile of over 2000 products, it also needed to highlight the ‘hero’ products that would act as the framework for upcoming marketing campaigns. Each new product carried different key features to a variety of target customers. Collaborating with the marketing team to understand the true benefit to the end user, allowed us to craft the photography, design and content to deliver maximum impact and clarity to the reader.

A photo is often the first time that a consumer gets to see a product. This is why it is vital to ensure that the photography captures the quality, attributes and features of the physical product.

Making a tactical switch from Garibaldis to HobKnobs we tentatively started to analyse the physical products samples we have in the studio. Assessing the different angles and defining features that best explain how it will benefit the end user. Our photography studio is directly connected to our design studio, meaning that ideas and suggestions flow freely, back and forth until we are happy that the image we have, ‘speaks the thousand words’ that our client needs to say.

Over the past decade, we have seen a revolution in our marketing efforts. Ascender has driven this change & provided exceptional support.
Steve Kirby, Managing Director, JCC

Tying the photography, design and marketing together, we used electric greens, bold blues and rich blacks to ensure ‘hero’ products grabbed readers attention within such a large catalogue consisting of 432 pages. Ensuring along the way that every decision enhanced the communication of the products key features.  We manage all of our projects from concept through to completion. With the gritty but glorious smell of ink flowing through the air, we press-passed the catalogue for over a week, quality controlling each section, whilst offering guidance and support to JCC along the way.

Using the vast amount of imagery and content created during the project, we were able to support JCC in crafting multiple campaigns for all of the product launches through various touch points including email, social media, digital advertising, brochures and merchandise. This provided the marketing team enough content for 6 months, allowing them to increase engagement and supporting the introduction of this year’s latest product ranges. Just enough time to pass before we eagerly anticipate the next edition (but not enough time to decide what biscuit to binge on next year).