Brazen branding that led Good Fat from startup to acquisition in less than 2-years

for Good Fat Foods
Brand Strategy
Packaging Design
Food Photography
3D Product Rendering
Start-up to acquisition in less than 2 years

When Good Fat Foods engaged us to develop a bold, brazen brand identity and packaging design for their innovative avocado oil mayonnaise, we knew only loud and proud would do.

Going shoulder-to-shoulder with supermarket staples such as Hellman’s and Heinz, Good Fat needed some serious shelf appeal! Through a lot of brand strategising, as well as design and typographic exploration, we devised a bold punk-inspired postmodern mayo brand.

Edgy brush fonts, rough background textures and vibrant colours injected attitude into the product labels, whilst playful puns were penned to add personality and approachability.

To present our ideas to the client, we created 3D product renders to simulate the finished goods, later becoming the basis of Good Fat’s pre-launch marketing campaign before a single jar of mayonnaise had rolled off the production line.

Targeted at a 18-45 'ketogenic' demographic, the brand needed to be Instagrammable. We created a pre-launch teaser social media marketing campaign with graphics, illustrations and short animations based on 3D renders, followed by product and lifestyle photography as soon as the finished products were available. Resulting in over 2500 followers in less than six months.

The result? Good Fat expanded their range, won a Great Taste Award, and picked up hundreds of UK stockists before being acquired by a leading supermarket food brand in 2020.